References / Projects

Here you can see a small excerpt of projects in which I have developed products for industry-leading companies most of which led to serial production.

  • EXPO Dubai: Entry Portals
    Calculation algorithm for the creation of the CNC programs for the production of the lattice structure of the entry portals for EXPO Dubai 2020/21 in the filament winding process. Generation of the programs and support of the production up to the start of the small series production.
  • Paper Industry: Application Beam
    CFRP girder for coating units in paper machines. By means of zero thermal expansion it enables elimination of expensive active correction systems to compensate for temperature influences. Enables better quality of coated papers for lower cost. Including software development for make-to-order design. Make-to-order variant manufacturing.
  • Paper Industry: Guide Roll for Dryer Section
    Development of a hot-wet resistant CFRP web guide roll for the dryer section—the chemically most demanding section in paper machines. Enables speed-up of the entire machine through higher critical rotational speed. Small series production.
  • Film Industry: Adjustable Contact Roll
    Active deflection compensating CFRP roll in double tube structure (centre supported roll) to even out the contact pressure during coiling the product of plastics film production. Repeated small series production over several product generations.
  • Printing Industry: Sheet Brake
    Development of an ultra-stiff CFRP drive roll for the sheet brake at the delivery of sheetfed offset printing machines. Enables increase of the delivery frequency of the printed sheets through maximization of the critical speed with minimal diameter.
  • Solar Industry: Wire Guide Roll
    Super-stiff, multi-parameter-optimized CFRP roll for wire saws to improve cutting accuracy in mass production of photovoltaic wafers. Serial production.
  • Tooling Machines: Y carriage
    Lightweight tooling machine carriage made of CFRP for very fast-moving tooling machine in order to reduce cycle time.
  • Automotive: Propeller Shaft
    CFRP propeller shafts for weight reduction in premium automobiles of numerous car makers. My contribution here in pre-development and protype manufacturing rather than the later serial production.
  • Software Development: Configurators
    Development of numerous essential software elements for a CFRP-processing enterprise for seamless integration of expert knowledge into the operational business processes including an interface to the ERP system. Utilisation of the configurators for variant-based products in sales, development and manufacturing.
  • Software Development: COMPOSITOR
    Development of the calculation program COMPOSITOR for analysis of fibre reinforced composite laminates. Available since 2003 at Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV) Aachen within a seminar.
  • Training: IKV Seminars
    Long-term speaker and moderator on seminars on the design with fibre reinforced composites at the Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV) Aachen.