Most CFRP Innovation Projects are Flops!

The reasons for this are manifold and often not trivial. Let us figure out together early enough whether your project falls into this category—or how you prevent it from becoming so!

Concept Determination

A material-specific and manufacturing-oriented concept for your part is the foundation for success.

Feasibility Study

Rapidly and reasonably priced I will assess the feasibility of your innovation project.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Working with you, we will determine the economical chances of success for your project.

Business Model Development

Let us develop a promising business model for you composites product!

Technology Benchmark

I will determine the manufacturing technology appropriate for your product.

Market Research

I will collect market information for your strategic decisions.

Supplier Selection

Finding the right suppliers for raw materials, semi-finished goods and machines.

Tech Phone Hotline

Just make use of my know-how by phone whenever you have a question.


I will train your employees for dealing with composites in your business processes.

Mini Software Development

I will implement composite specific algorithms into your software environment.